Leena Reittu

A long and intensive working process is key to my practice, the roots of which are in collecting materials and forms from nature. This is where the first thoughts are formed. In having such a direct relation to the natural world my work of course raises questions regarding the primitive. Predominantly using natural materials lays the groundwork for this, with the human condition being explored through engaging with ancient cultures and forms. The basic stone sculptures, early castings, and rough tools that have survived the ages show the simplest desires to connect human and object in space.

In sculptures and installations I incorporate a wide range of materials, including wood, ceramic, stone, metal, sound and lens-based media. Working with these materials through an intuitive approach over many scales I am intending to explore sensitivity and fear, envy and caring; humanity as a condition. Abstract forms with neutral organic shapes occupy spaces, becoming objects that could portray such conditions. The tensions that are created between them can be heightened or broken by the viewer.

Galleria SEINÄ on Suomen Kuvataidejärjestöjen Liiton ylläpitämä ikkunagalleria liiton toimitilan yhteydessä Helsingissä osoitteessa Mannerheimintie 19 b. Galleria SEINÄ esittelee SKjL:n jäsenyhdistysten taiteilijoiden teoksia ja on avoinna ympäri vuorokauden 24/7.